Building Pages – Get it Scrapped

Have you ever wished there was a formula you could use to make aweso

me (and original) scrapbook pages quickly?


Would you like to understand why certain page designs work and how to make those kinds of pages yourself? Without sketches? Would you just like to broaden your style or jumpstart your mojo?


Here are 12 approaches to designing great scrapbook pages. These are approaches I wish I’d had defined for me several years ago when I’d grown a tired of using sketches and was wondering how I could take my page designs to the next level. Back then, I spent a lot of time studying layout design, magazines, and online galleries. I spent a lot of time practicing and trying new things.

In Building Pages, you not only learn about 12 “starters” (or approaches to the page) but you understand the design underpinnings and implications of each.  You see multiple directions in which you could  go with each approach.

The 12 different “page shapes” in Building Pages are not sketches: rather, they are starting points. In each lesson, you’ll learn about one page shape and how to use it in a variety of ways–making it your own and, always, ensuring good use of design principles. We’ll also take a look at what details can do for each shape. And—because we all like a sketch at least once in a while—every lesson includes an original page sketch with an accompanying digital layered template you can use in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS to make a digital page.
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