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Digital Artistry with Cilenia Curtis

Digital Artistry teaches everyone how to paint digitally! And the best part is: you don’t have to know how to draw! In this 3-week workshop, instructor Cilenia Curtis will show you how to use the right combination of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements brushes, pens, textures, filters and styles to build digital, artistic artwork you’ll love. […]

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Picture the Holidays 2013 – Photography with Tracey Clark

Picture the Holidays 2013 Another 31 Days of Festive Photography with Tracey Clark Spend this December taking inspired, artful photographs of the world around you, during the most wonderful time of the year. Picture the Holidays has been reframed and refreshed for 2013, with new prompts and new pictures to help you creatively and mindfully celebrate this season of […]

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Calendar Making Class with Paintshop Pro

This complete package includes EVERYTHING you need to create your own custom calendar, whether you are totally new to Paintshop Pro, or not. This calendar makes for a perfect present for the holiday, or the new year. Once you are done, you can get it printed (even more than one copy if you want). See […]

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Crafty Marketing Made Easy with Traci Reed

Are you familiar with this scenario: You spend countless hours learning your craft, building beautiful products, and creating art you absolutely love! And you can’t help the excitement you feel as you prepare your amazing scrapbooking kit, printable set, class, or e-book.   Waiting with baited breath, you release your product sure of the response you’ll […]

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Photo Finish – Post-Processing your Photos for Professional Results

Did you know that probably 99% of professional photographers post-process their photos? Post-processing has dramatically changed over the years. Back in the non-digital age, post-processing meant taking a photo into the darkroom and adjusting exposure, color, contrast and more to get the best photo possible. In the digital world, post-processing means uploading your photos to […]

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PROCESS – Scrapbooking smarter, better, simpler with Catherine Davis


Looking to breathe new life into your scrapbook pages or Project Life layouts? The beauty is in the process. Interested in scrapbooking smarter, better, simpler, or with greater intention? PROCESS is the key. Yes, we’re talking about your personal creative process, that series of choices you must make to get from a lightbulb moment to […]

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True Scrap – Lain Ehmann

True Scrap is the galaxy’s ONLY online, live virtual paper crafting event. With inspiration brought right to your desktop, there’s no need to change out of your PJs because you’re logging on, right from home! All your favorite people and things right in one place. Learn new skills while getting a new take on old […]

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Handlettering with Michelle Houghton


Handlettering for Scrapbookers, Journalers & Crafters. Create hand-lettered elements you can use on scrapbook pages, art journals, signs, mailboxes, invitations, silk-screened projects and even your digital projects. Sometimes the best part of crafting is trying new things and learning cool techniques. A look at the hand-lettered home décor in stores reveals how much can be […]

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Bloom Your Blog – Beginning Blog Design

If one of your goals this year is to spend more time writing on your blog, you aren’t alone! In this intensive two-week class, Jessica will show you how to take your blog to the next level with thoughtful design and Photoshop. In this video-based course, you’ll learn how to create a cohesive look and […]

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Get Organized: Scrapbooking Storage Solutions


Achieve the organized scrap space of your dreams in just 27 lessons with help from organizational guru (and Founder) Jill Davis. In this online class (delivered via email), you’ll see hundreds of full-color photos of practical, beautiful, and efficient storage solutions for all your scrapbook and craft supplies. Following the principles and steps developed […]

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Copic Craze with Michelle Houghton – introduction to coloring, shading, and blending with Copic markers


Copic Craze is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to coloring, shading, and blending with Copic markers. Copic markers have been around for a while, but they are recently popular with stampers, card makers, scrapbookers, scientific illustrators, manga artists, and many others. The effects you can achieve with Copic markers are amazing. With any artistic tool, […]

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