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Photography 101

Make the Most of Light, Composition, and Settings For Any Camera (or Smartphone) You would never say to a master painter, “What a beautiful work of art—you must have a really nice brush.” It’s the same with photography. A nice camera makes it easier to take good photos, but it’s the photographer (that’s you!), not […]

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Picture the Holidays 2013 – Photography with Tracey Clark

Picture the Holidays 2013 Another 31 Days of Festive Photography with Tracey Clark Spend this December taking inspired, artful photographs of the world around you, during the most wonderful time of the year. Picture the Holidays has been reframed and refreshed for 2013, with new prompts and new pictures to help you creatively and mindfully celebrate this season of […]

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Photo Finish – Post-Processing your Photos for Professional Results

Did you know that probably 99% of professional photographers post-process their photos? Post-processing has dramatically changed over the years. Back in the non-digital age, post-processing meant taking a photo into the darkroom and adjusting exposure, color, contrast and more to get the best photo possible. In the digital world, post-processing means uploading your photos to […]

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