Copic Craze with Michelle Houghton – introduction to coloring, shading, and blending with Copic markers

Copic Craze is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to coloring, shading, and blending with Copic markers.

Copic Craze with Michelle Houghton (Self-Paced)

Copic markers have been around for a while, but they are recently popular with stampers, card makers, scrapbookers, scientific illustrators, manga artists, and many others.

The effects you can achieve with Copic markers are amazing. With any artistic tool, however, comes a need for instruction and guidance in order to move up and past the learning curve they present. If you want to get started on the right foot and know how to choose, buy and use these wonderful markers join Michelle Houghton for Copic Craze.


Michelle Houghton is certified in beginning and intermediate Copic instruction by Imagination International, the North American importer and distributor of Copic markers.

This 6-lesson class is jam packed with the facts and the fun of Copic Markers.

Lesson one starts with all the facts about the markers themselves, teaching you about what makes them different and exciting.

Lesson two and three explore how to start shading–not how to shade with your markers but how to understand the shading objects to make them look 3 dimensional in any drawing situation.

Lesson four looks at the colorless blender: Wait until you see what this one marker can do!

Lesson five has us going step-by-step through five intermediate/advanced images.

Lesson six finishes up by taking a look at all the other surfaces Copic Markers are great for.

Along the way, Michelle provides nine of her original images for you to color along side her.

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