Cover to Cover – Shimelle Laine

For more than ten years, scrapbooking to me was all about the individual page. Take some event in life and memorialise it on a pretty page. Photos and writing and crafty embellishment was all part of that. But then what? The pages were stacked on a shelf or filed randomly in an album and that was that.

On to the next page, ever moving forward with completely unrelated pages, growing stacks of layouts and albums that could only be understood by other scrapbookers, because they were never self-explanatory to someone who didn’t live and breathe patterned paper and pop dots.


One day I changed my mind and decided there had to be more to it. It took me a while to find my focus amongst stacks of hundreds of pages, but eventually I found a simplicity that made everything make sense and I fell in love with scrapbooking all over again, more than I ever had before. I went from stacks and random and incomprehensible to books that make sense to anyone, even if they weren’t finished. I found myself going back to the layouts I had created and appreciating them and using them as one of the most important tools in my creative process.

Essentially, I realised I could put the book back in scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is no longer just about the 12×12 page for me, but about this larger volume that those pages create. And what I especially love is that means I have just as much love (if not more) for the individual pages than I did before – but then I also have this new level of creating that has opened up all sorts of new doors. It has been a total win all round, with no complications or drawbacks or banging my head against a desk.

Cost - Paid for
Format - Self Paced
Date starting - Ongoing

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