Crafty Marketing Made Easy with Traci Reed

Are you familiar with this scenario: You spend countless hours learning your craft, building beautiful products, and creating art you absolutely love! And you can’t help the excitement you feel as you prepare your amazing scrapbooking kit, printable set, class, or e-book.


Waiting with baited breath, you release your product sure of the response you’ll receive when people see what you’ve created! It releases, you refresh your email every few minutes waiting for orders and then — nothing. A few invoices trickle through here and there, but the response fell flat.
Self doubt sneaks in: Was my product not good enough? Maybe I’m not cut out for this business? If I was just one of the cool kids then this wouldn’t happen. And it continues until you’ve talked yourself out of the business you love so passionately!

If you too suffer from unimpressive sales despite your best ideas and new product offerings it’s quite possible you simply aren’t maximizing your full sales potential!

Veteran scrapbooking kit designer and Design Star instructor Traci Reed can help! She’s spent the last 9 years building her online design business from the ground up with a minimal budget and a tiny staff of one. And she’s got the marketing experience to prove it:

  • Traci increased her Facebook fan base from 2000 fans to 8887 in 7 months.
  • As a marketing admin for Sweet Shoppe Designs, she increased Facebook fans from 2500 to 11,044 in 7 months.
  • Traci’s newsletter subscribers increased by 400% in 12 months with one of her simple tweaks.
  • She increased her Pinterest follows by nearly 2000 people in less than 12 months.
  • Ten of her Pinterest pins have between 2000 – 5000 re-pins including from industry giants like Ali Edwards.

And now Traci has condensed her marketing genius into an easy-to-follow, 6-module course perfect for the new-to-marketing, crafty business owner. From blogging to using Pinterest as a vehicle for promotion, Traci will walk you through how to maximize your sales potential with a plan of action every step of the way.

Whether you build scrapbooking kits, jewelry, e-books, or another creative-craft product, if you experience lack-luster sales then it’s time to build your polished marketing plan with Traci’s Crafty Marketing Made Easy.
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Cost - Paid for
Format - Self Paces
Date starting - Ongoing from Nov 4th 2013

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