Your December Story

A 6 week class with prompts and page ideas for storytellers and scrapbookers who want to frame their December story in a new way–in a way that gets in touch with the magic of the season and recognizes their own heroic efforts at making it special.


This December, like Dorothy dropped into Oz or Alice tumbled into Wonderland, you will receive a call to adventure. You will move from the ordinary world into a one of magic and tests as the holiday season arrives. 

With prompts and page ideas designed to tell the story of a December Journey, record the ways you and your loved ones experience this magical time. What are the details of it? What are the tests and challenges? Who are your holiday mentors? And what are your special tools and magical objects for making celebrations happen? A recipe? A secret hiding spot for gifts?

As you near the “reward” consider what this season really means for you and share it in a way that resonates into the new year. Don’t stop there, though, push your story that extra bit to understand and record the final steps of any hero’s journey. Take the road back. Uncover and share the “magic elixir,” that element that will make life different for you and others in 2014.

Every Monday for 6 weeks — answer the prompts, view the ideas, and open yourself to new and inspired ways to tell your December story. Weave these stories into your December Daily album or let them inspire a complete book on their own.

6 weekly lessons describe a step of the hero’s journey, provide detailed prompts that you can enter into digital worksheets or printables, and ideas for visual and written stories.

  • November 25th: The Call to Adventure
  • December 2nd: Entering the Magical World
  • December 9th: Mentors
  • December 16th: Tests, Tools, and Magical Objects
  • December 23rd: The Reward
  • December 30th: The Road Back and the Return with the Elixir

 The “hero’s journey” is a story shape that underlies many compelling tales — use it to tell your own this year.
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Cost - Paid for
Format - Instructor Led
Date starting - November 25th 2013

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