Design Star with Traci Reed

Are you an aspiring scrapbooking kit designer? Maybe you’ve been designing for a while and still question design basics or have yet to find your design voice? 9-year veteran kit designer Traci Reed understands exactly how you might feel. She shares, “When I started designing 9 years ago, no one was able to help or show me what to do!” But all that can be different for you!


Traci’s Design Star is an 8-week, mega-course packed with introductory video lessons and live-training demonstrations that will take you from beginner’s kit inspiration to outstanding kit completion. From color theory to typography, repeating patterns to extractions, you’ll learn how to use them all to craft gorgeous kit designs while using Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Photoshop — Traci’s software of choice!

Design Star includes informative video tutorials, software demonstrations, PDF handouts, plus weekly question and answering sessions with Traci via video chat. At the end of class, you’ll sit down with Traci virtually in a one-on-one session identifying your strengths and skills with constructive criticism every aspiring designer desperately needs. This opportunity to talk privately with an industry insider does not come often!

With Traci as your mentor, you’ll find your design voice and learn all the right skills to create a portfolio of captivating kits and designs!

Workshop Includes

  • Weekly introductory video lessons
  • Design demonstrations via eleven hours of pre-recorded webinars
  • Full color PDF lesson handouts
  • Private message board access for peer and instructor feedback
  • Weekly Q&A video chats
  • Private, one on one critique session with Traci

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Cost - Paid for
Format - Instructor Led
Date starting - April 2014

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