Empty Nest Scrapbooking with Kelly Sill


Scrapbooking in the empty nest. Really? Is that even possible? What (and who) in the world are we supposed to take photos of now that the kids have graduated from high school and are off to college, have moved out of the house to enter the work force or have married and started families of their own?

Many us who have enjoyed this passion of memory keeping for years are often left wondering what are we going to fill our albums with now that the kids are gone. Do we just give up on our beloved past time? Are our supplies destined to become fodder in the next neighborhood yard sale?

Veteran scrapbooker (20+ years!) and graphic designer, Kelly Sill says, “Absolutely not!”

So much of this industry revolves around children and documenting their milestones. We often we forget that if it wasn’t for us–their parent(s)–they wouldn’t be here in the first place!  Just because our kids aren’t leaving their socks on the floor, involved in extra-curricular activities or eating us out of house and home, doesn’t mean we empty nesters are out of things to scrap!

Kelly is mom of 20 & 24-year-old sons and structured this “Empty Nest Scrapbooking” workshop to help you seek out the awesomeness in your world that doesn’t involve children!  Join Kelly as she takes you on a journey back to what life was like B.C. (before children). You will then briefly acknowledge those years when the kids were in the nest, and then celebrate what you have to look forward to now that the kids have learned to fly on their own! Through journal prompts and photo research, you will create a workbook to use as a reference tool that will help trigger ideas of what to photograph and document so you can continue to enjoy your passion for memory keeping. You will realize that scrapbooking life in the empty nest can be just as fun as it was when you had a “nestful!”

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Cost - Paid for
Format - Instructor Led
Date starting - November 4th

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