Handlettering with Michelle Houghton

HandLetteringVertical1Handlettering for Scrapbookers, Journalers & Crafters. Create hand-lettered elements you can use on scrapbook pages, art journals, signs, mailboxes, invitations, silk-screened projects and even your digital projects.

Sometimes the best part of crafting is trying new things and learning cool techniques.

Handlettering with Michelle Houghton (Self-Paced)

A look at the hand-lettered home décor in stores reveals how much can be done with loose and charming hand-lettered messages. The beauty of the alphabet lies not only in its ability to communicate BUT in its simplicity. Children can learn the simple shapes of the letters. And YOU can take those simple shapes farther.

Add your own personality to your artistic creations with hand-lettering. In this 6-lesson online workshop, Michelle Houghton shows you exactly how to use simple tools to create outstanding hand-lettered titles, embellishments, and word-art. You’ll begin with base alphabets and then add decorative detail and even create your own display fonts.

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Cost - Paid for
Format - Self Paced
Date starting - Ongoing


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