Perfect Your Scrapbook Process with Sue Althouse

Do you ever wonder what your scrapbook process says about you? Your scrapbook process affects your style, your productivity and your scrapbooking experience.


An established, reliable process can be the difference between confident scrapbooking and frustrated scrapbooking. Whether you scrapbook with paper or digital supplies, join us to understand and perfect your process. You’ll strengthen your style, make pages more efficiently and enjoy the experience even more than you already do.

Whether you consider yourself an experienced scrapper looking for a challenge, or someone who wants to establish a more reliable and creative scrapping process, this class will guide you towards understanding and experimenting with your process.

We’ll begin the class by taking a closer look at our photos and key page parts; then we’ll consider starting points for layouts and we will end class by learning to tame time.

In your 8 lessons posting every Monday and Thursday over 4 weeks your class will cover:

  • Lesson 1: Are You In A Photo Rut -  We’ll explore two basic photo strategies while providing a variety of options for an enjoyable, creative start to our scrapping process.
  • Lesson 2: Declaring Photo Independence - We’ll introduce one unique method for selecting color and present additional color strategies to enhance our photos and accurately portray the mood of our layouts.
  • Lesson 3: Tackling Titles - We’ll address five features we can utilize to create eye-catching and meaningful titles, challenging ourselves to banish boring titles from our process.
  • Lesson 4: Ending with Embellishments - We’ll think outside the box, then offer a simple system for selecting and placing embellishments so we can finish our pages with a punch.
  • Lesson 5: Fast Starts and Slow Starts - We’ll tackle what may be the hardest step in our process by learning two strategies for beginning our layouts, when to choose each, and how to employ each one effectively.
  • Lesson 6: Top Up or Bottom Down - We’ll consider the purpose of our background and suggest two methods for choosing a background at very different points in our process.
  • Lesson 7: Get it Done or Take A Break - We’ll confront our most valuable scrapping resource and suggest two strategies, both which challenge the untapped creativity hidden inside.
  • Lesson 8: Taming Time Techniques - We’ll apply two proven time management techniques to our scrapping, specifically targeted at reducing DIPP: distraction, interruption, procrastination and perfectionism.

Perfect Your Scrapbook Process with Sue Althouse (Oct 2013)
“Perfect Your Scrapbook Process” will equip you with strategies, techniques and methods you can use over and over throughout the rest of your scrapping experience!

Perfect Your Scrapbook Process with Sue Althouse (Oct 2013)More details and how to sign up here

Cost - Paid for
Format - Instructor Led
Date starting - October 14th

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