Photography 101

Make the Most of Light, Composition, and Settings For Any Camera (or Smartphone)

You would never say to a master painter, “What a beautiful work of art—you must have a really nice brush.” It’s the same with photography. A nice camera makes it easier to take good photos, but it’s the photographer (that’s you!), not the tool, that will ultimately produce frame-worthy photos. All you need is a basic knowledge of the elements that work together to create memorable pictures. (Hint: it’s all about light and composition!)


Whether you want to take better everyday photos with that smartphone, or you have a nice new DSLR camera that you’re dabbling with, this interactive online workshop will put you on the path to better photos. In six weeks, you’ll learn to master the rules of composition, make the most of available light, and get more out of your equipment—no matter what kind of camera you’re using.

Would you like to feel more confident in your photo-taking abilities? To find beauty in everyday objects, and see attributes of people you’ve never noticed before? Photography 101 with Elisha Snow will teach you to look at light, shadow, shape, and color differently, and most importantly, to develop a passion for preserving the beauty that surrounds you.

Elisha’s class includes:

  • Pre-classroom available immediately upon registration
  • Photo Challenge Checklist available in the pre-classroom
  • Downloadable PDF handouts with photography lessons and gorgeous photo examples
  • Weekly PDF bonus handouts to supplement the main lessons
  • A class blog where Elisha will post additional photography tips and tricks weekly
  • Daily photo emails
  • An opportunity for Elisha to critique your best photo in the class gallery
  • Welcome notes from Elisha in the classroom
  • Reminder emails when the classroom is updated with new materials
  • Private posting gallery to share your work and view the work of your classmates
  • Message board to share your thoughts with your classmates and ask Elisha questions
  • Email access to Elisha

300 x 250

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Cost - Paid for
Format - Instructor Led
Date starting - April 2014

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