Scrapbooking Events with Debbie Hodge

Scrapbooking events is different. Making a scrapbook page that conveys the essence of holidays, parties, travel, and milestone occasions is different from making one- or two-photo moment pages.

Event scrapping requires planning, culling, cropping and layout techniques for getting lots of photos onto the page efficiently and appealingly.  Let Debbie Hodge show you how to scrapbooking event easily and efficiently.

In each of the 11 lessons:

Scrapbooking Events with Debbie Hodge (Self-Paced)

  • prompt-&
    -angle lessons focus on a particular event type or event aspect (i.e., holidays, preparations,vacations) with prompts and suggestion for approaching the subject.
  • page-parts lessons address the creative and practical aspects of event titles, journaling, photos, embellishments, and the canvas in general.
  • design or organization lessons teach techniques for bringing all of the pieces of your layout together for great event pages or address the practical aspects of scrapbooking events including organizing, flagging, storing, and locating your events photos.EventsTemplateThumbs-600x483
  • put-it-to-work lessons 4 sketches for paper scrapbookers in each class: one-page and two-page sketches in both 12×12″ and 8.5×11″ formats. Digital scrapbookers get 39 layered digital templates for use in Photoshop Elements and CS in 12″x12″ and 24″x12″ formats.

Scrapbooking Events with Debbie Hodge (Self-Paced)For this scrapbook class go here to read more.

Cost - Paid for
Format - Self Paced
Date starting - Ongoing

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